Rica Herra, the living volcano (artist: Moiderah). One of the primary reasons Sloof and I settled on this plot was because following the round two results, a pretty large amount of artists relayed that they had ideas for how to ultramurder prince douchebag to not only avenge Shining Petal, but moreover to provide some kind of closure to her squire, Violet Fang; Moid was one of the artists who mentioned that, which gave me the brainwave to put together a goofy heist/assassination plot that would immediately turn into a pileup of people all trying to kill the prince independently.
Incidentally, as a result of me relaying this information to them early on in round three so that they wouldn’t be caught off guard by our comic should they also want to deliver a “kicking the silk prince’s ass” story, Moid became one of my secret-keepers for the rest of the tournament, a job they held with a number of other artists as well as the tourney progressed.