“Archie” is a photojournalist for the Ashton Teleologue, and has been working at the paper for the better part of the last thirteen years. Unfortunately, her life before that is completely lost to her, as she has absolutely no recollection of her life prior to waking up at the foot of a closed king’s gate surrounded by corpses. She has an inkling that said gate holds some connection to her past, but unfortunately her job is currently keeping her far too occupied to investigate further since there’s kind of a new Universal War going on now. She is a deeply curious individual with a passion for investigation that sometimes borders on the suicidal, especially considering she has absolutely no combat skills and abhors violence. Her chief editor expected the wheel to chew her to bits ages ago, and it would’ve been a fair prediction if it weren’t also for her other half.

“Artemis” (or the Responsive Threat Management System) is an Arcane Intelligence construct, Class RED, embedded into the deep layer’s of Archie’s firmware. Her primary goal is the safety and well-being of her host, and it is a goal she pursues with a dedicated perseverance and a gleeful propensity towards violence. “Arty” is able to take advantage of the black flame projection that makes up the pair’s outward appearance, forming her extremities into a wide variety of implements meant solely to hurt people, and for reasons that are currently unclear to either, is able to record and mimic the engrammatic memories and abilities of anyone at the cost of “consuming” that individual entirely.

Due to these stark philosophical differences and the fact that Artemis will respond reflexively to any perceived threat to Archie with hideous ultraviolence, they don’t really get along all that well.