One important thing to note is that Abbadon, the author of KSBD and sole judge of the OCT, is comically bad at estimating things. At the beginning, he noted that there would be a cap at 64 competitors, and added that he doubted we’d even hit that number by the end of the two week submission period. Spoilers: we hit 64 by day two, and by the end of the submission period there was a mind-boggling 258 total entrants to the ring. A few contestants, myself included, referred to the submission period as “round zero” because of this, and statistically with a 75% elimination rate, it was also by far the most grueling round of the tournament.

my submission was Li Feitian, a taikonaut from an alternate world in which the minute astronauts set foot on the moon in 1969, they were immediately attacked by unbound devils pouring out from the king’s gate that just happened to be located in the sea of tranquility. I know that was a completely gibberish sentence for people unfamiliar with the lore of KSBD but the main takeaway is that yes, my character was in fact inspired by the “moon’s haunted” tweet.